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Christmas Tree Pickup

The City of Manchester will pick up Christmas trees, at no charge to residents. Trees should be placed at the curbside by 7:00am on the day of pickup. Trees in plastic bags will not be picked up. It is also possible for city residents to dispose of their Christmas trees at their own convenience at the City Compost site on South Brewer Street any time during daylight hours.

*Residents are always welcome to contact the City Office at 563-927-3636 to verify the collection date. Announcements are also placed on KMCH and our homepage.

Dog Licensing Information

Dogs over the age of 10 weeks, living within the City Limits, must be licensed within 60 days of acquisition. License fee is $20 per neutered/spayed dog, or $50 per unaltered dog. This is a lifetime license. Proof of rabies vaccination must be provided. Rabies vaccination cannot expire within 6 months of the date of application for dog license.

While walking your dog in Manchester, please bring a baggie with you to pick up your pet’s waste and dispose of it at home. Or better yet, take advantage of one of the 7 the Dogipot waste stations located throughout the community. And please remember, it is unlawful to allow your dog to relieve themselves on someone else’s property.

Also, when your dog is not in an enclosed area, remember to keep your pet on a leash. A leash provides emergency control over your pet. Even if your dog has perfect recall and you can control their every move from 100 feet away – you can’t control the world around them. You may encounter unfriendly dogs, irresistible temptations in the form of rabbits or ground squirrels, or a person who is allergic or afraid of dogs. Remember, not all people will love your dog like you do!

The City of Manchester does not license cats.

Impounded Dogs

Please contact the Manchester Police Department at 563.927.3355 for release of your impounded dog. Cost for inpoundment can include: $20 Impound Fee and $5 per day for daily care. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required. If proof of rabies vaccination cannot be provided, a rabies bond of $20 must be paid until proof can be ascertained.

Wild Animals or Rodents

Please contact a licensed exterminator for any concerns about wild animals or rodents.

If a wild animal has intruded your actual living space, animal control may offer assistance removing it from your home. Animal Control may also help if you observe a sick or injured animal in an area that it could potentially cause a public safety or health risk. However, if you are having problems with a wildlife infestation, such as bats in your attic or a family of raccoons living under your porch, you will be directed to contact a professional pest removal company to handle the situation.

Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Parking is in effect upon declaration.

Upon declaration, residents are required to park on the even- numbered side of streets on even-numbered days, and on the odd- numbered side of streets on odd-numbered days. Alternate Side Parking is only in effect from 10pm—7am. Parking on Snow Routes is prohibited. Ticketing and towing are STRICTLY enforced.

Declarations are reported to Channel 2 (KGAN), Channel 7 (KWWL), Channel 9 (KCRG), FM radio station 94.7 (KMCH). Residents may also sign up for cell phone texts or email alerts through Manchester Info Now. Simply text your zip code to 888777. Sign up is FREE!

Residents may also contact the Manchester Police Department outside of regular business hours (8am-4pm) at 563.927.3355.


Understanding your utility bill

Residents are billed monthly for water, sewer, garbage & compost.

  • Bills are sent out on or before the last business day of each month.
  • Bills are due by the 10th day of the month.thin 10 days.
  • A penalty is assessed to each account if not paid by the 10th, and a notice of delinquency is sent. The account holder is then given an additional 12 days to make payment on the account before disconnection of services occurs.
  • If you have not received your bill or feel you have received a notice of delinquency in error, please contact the City Office immediately at 563-927-1114.
  • The City of Manchester offers automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings, and online bill payment.

Charges may differ for each customer receiving a utility bill depending upon their circumstances and/or type of classification (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). For most residents, the following charges will apply:

Water UsageWA$6.04 monthly service charge, plus $3.21 per thousand gallons of water
Sewer UsageSW$11.19 monthly service charge, plus $6.19 per thousand gallons of water
Garbage & RecyclingGA$11.60
LandfillLFVaries depending on type of account
Outside Water (opt)OW$0.80 monthly service charge, plus $3.75 per thousand gallons of water
Water TaxTAXTax is calculated at 7% based on water charges only

I didn’t get my bill

The City of Manchester mails approximately 2,000 individual water bills monthly. To help keep expenses to a minimum, Utility Bills are mailed out on postcards to save on both paper and postage expenses.

Bills are sent through the Post Office by the last working day of the month and are expected to be received by you within the next couple of days. Occasionally, bills do not reach customers for various reasons; perhaps it was put into someone else’s mailbox or perhaps it got stuck in a newspaper or magazine and went undetected. Whatever the reason, it is simply impossible for us to track a bill once it leaves our office.

If you have not received your bill within the first week of the month, we would encourage you to call the City Office to request a copy. We would also encourage you to check with the Post Office regarding delivery of your bill and to verify your address.

Bills are considered “delinquent” if not paid by the 10th day of the month. Although this notice may seem offensive to our customers in good standing, the City of Manchester Code of Ordinance states that the City shall notify each delinquent customer that service will be discontinued if payment is not received by the date specified in the notice of delinquency. The code also instructs this notice shall be sent by ordinary mail.

Additionally, the City of Manchester mails an average of 250-300 disconnect notices every month. Contacting each individual account is not efficient.

The City Office does offer the opportunity to have your payment automatically withdrawn from your checking account. We also offer online account access & bill pay for your convenience.

I don’t think my water meter is working correctly

There are some concerns from time to time about the accuracy of the water meters. The City of Manchester uses positive displacement meters. That means water has to enter the chamber to make the disk move and record any usage. It is impossible for this type of meter to register more usage than what has been used within the home.

Most cases of high water usage involve leaks within the home. Leaks waste a tremendous amount of water. A toilet flapper leak, overflow leaking or a dripping faucet can easily waste thousands of gallons of water each month. This excessive usage can add up quickly. Finding the leaks and repairing them saves not only water, but also money.