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How do I report a lost/found animal?

To report a lost or found animal, please contact the Animal Control Department at 563.927.3355.

Dog Licensing Information

Every owner of a dog, over the age of 10 weeks, living within the City Limits, must obtain a dog license within 60 days of acquiring the dog. The owner must provide a veterinarian’s certificate showing the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination shall not expire within six months from the effective date of the City dog license. Dog licenses may be obtained from the City Office. Cost is $20 for each neutered dog and $50 for each unneutered dog.

The City of Manchester does not license cats.

Impounded Dogs

Please contact the Manchester Police Department at 563.927.3355 for release of your impounded dog. Cost for inpoundment can include: $20 Impound Fee and $5 per day for daily care. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required. If proof of rabies vaccination cannot be provided, a rabies bond of $20 must be paid until proof can be ascertained.

Wild Animals or Rodents

Please contact a licensed exterminator for any concerns about wild animals or rodents.

Dead Animal

Please contact the City of Manchester at 563.927.3636 to report a dead animal in the public street or right of way. Street crews will be notified accordingly.


The Manchester Code of Ordinances addresses items regarding Nuisance Abatement Procedures, Animal Protection & Control and Potentially Vicious Dogs. Questions or concerns should be directed to the Manchester Police Department at 563.927.3355 or the City Office at 563.927.3636.