FAQ  |  Fall/Spring Clean Up

Fall Leaf Pick Up Schedule

Section 1: Mondays

All areas south of Butler Street, but not including Butler Street

Section 2: Tuesdays

Butler Street to Union Street, including Butler and Union Street

Section 3: Wednesdays

North of East Union Street to East Acers Street; From North Franklin Street to the east, including East Acers and North Franklin Street

Section 4: Thursdays

North of West Union and West of North Franklin to Acers Street; then all areas North to the City Limits from Acers Street, not including East Acers or West Union

Leaves may be put into the street 48-hours prior to your scheduled pick up.

  • Must be in the street before 7:00 a.m. on your day
  • Rake into windrows on street 2-feet away from the curb line
  • Do not park vehicles within 50-feet of windrows
  • No bags or containers
  • No sticks, twigs, or brush in the leaves
  • Equipment may work ahead of schedule

Please remember…..crews do their best to stay as close to the published schedule as possible. And although equipment does work ahead when possible, work will take place in the designated areas on the scheduled days. Likewise, equipment may break down or, heavy rain or snow may also interfere with the pick up schedule. The compost site is open from sun up to sun down for your convenience.

Spring Pickup

As part of the City of Manchester’s commitment to Pride Week, City crews help to pick up spring yard waste pick-up. There is only one Spring pick-up. Crews will pick up leaves, vegetation and other yard waste, including small twigs. This material must be placed next to the curb by 7:00 A.M. in clear, plastic bags or in waterproof containers no greater than 35 pounds. Material in cardboard boxes or colored bags will NOT be picked up. Larger sticks and branches must be tied up in bundles no more than 6 feet long or larger than 12 inches around. Crews will not pick up stumps or entire trees or shrubs.

The City’s Compost Site is also open sun up to sun down on South Brewer Street. Please dump materials according to signs posted at the site. It is illegal to dispose of garbage or trash at the Compost Site. Violators will be fined.

Fall Pickup

The City of Manchester picks up City resident’s leaves during designated times in the fall. Leaves may be put into the street 48-hours prior to your pick up time and must be there no later than 7:00am on your scheduled day. (Residents placing leaves into the street more than 48-hours in advance will be ticketed.) Leaves must be raked into windrows at least 2 feet from the curb. Remember – no bags or containers and no sticks, twigs or brush can be mixed in with the leaves. Pickup is announced on KMCH, in the Manchester Press and on the local access channel.