Outreach Services

American Red Cross

Grant Wood Chapter
Website: www.grantwood-redcross.org

Clothes Closet

United Methodist Church
413 E Butler St
Manchester, IA 52057

Delaware County Community Services

721 S 5th Street
Manchester, IA 52057

Delaware County Food Pantry

721 S 5th Street
Manchester, IA 52057

Food Safety

ISU Extension Office
1417 N Franklin St
Manchester, IA 52057

Public Health Department


Veteran’s Affairs

721 S 5th Street
Manchester, IA 52057

Who do I contact if my power goes out?

Please contact Alliant Energy’s 24-hour customer service line at 800.822.4348 to report power outages.

Please do not call the Manchester Police Department’s Emergency Dispatch Center or the City Office during an outage unless you need emergency services, need to report an emergency or need to report weather-related information. Unnecessary inquiries take emergency personnel away from necessary activities.

When are the outdoor sirens activated?

Sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:00am.

Sirens are also activated if the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for this area or if an actual sighting occurs by a public safety official.

Remember: City sirens are meant to be an “outdoor warning system.” They are not intended to be heard in every home or building. The sirens blow for three minutes and indicate that a “life threatening” condition exists. The sirens are not blown to indicate an “all clear” signal. If they are blown a second or third time it means that another life threatening condition exists. TAKE COVER!

Please do not call the emergency dispatch center during storms unless you need emergency services, or need to report emergency or weather-related information. Unnecessary inquiry calls take emergency personnel away from necessary activities.

Severe Weather Procedure

Who do I contact if I think I have a gas leak?

Please follow these steps if you suspect a gas leak:

  • When natural gas is burning and vented properly, you will never smell it. However, if you do smell natural gas, don’t ignore it. Call your gas company. Your safety may depend on it.
  • Exit the premises immediately, leaving the door open behind you as you go.
  • Don’t look for the source of the gas leak or try to correct the problem yourself.
  • Use a cell phone outside or go to a neighbor’s house and call 911 or your local emergency number. Then call Black Hills Energy’s emergency number, it is 800.694.8989.
  • Don’t strike matches, turn lights or appliances on or off, use the telephone or ring the doorbell. These things can create a spark. Leave doors and windows as they are.

The Black Hills Energy emergency number is 800.694.8989.

I don't think the emergency siren near my home is working, whom do I contact?

If you are concerned about an emergency siren in your area, please contact the Manchester Police Department at 563.927.3355.

How do I obtain general emergency information?

General emergency information can be obtained from the Delaware County Emergency Management Department, 563.923.2361 during regular business hours, or by contacting the Manchester Police Department at 563.927.3355.

Education Opportunities

West Delaware County Community Schools
JK – 12
601 New Street
Manchester, IA 52057

St. Mary Catholic Schools
JK – 6
132 W Butler Street
Manchester, IA 52057

NICC/UIU Manchester Center
1200 1/2 W Main Street
Manchester, IA 52057

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), Upper Iowa University (UIU), and the City of Manchester have partnered to create the NICC/UIU Manchester Center to help residents within the Delaware County region achieve their educational goals efficiently and effectively. The center opened in September 2011 and is located at 1200 1/2 W Main Street (Dupaco building). The center offers continuing education courses for the adult learner as well as high school students. Offerings include GED/ABE and ESOL classes, basic computer classes, business and customized training, a state of the art computer lab, on-line credit courses and non-credit training programs for the business community. For more information, to receive continually updated information on available classes or to sign up for a class, please contact the Manchester Center at 563.822.1016.

Compost Site

The City encourages all citizens living within the City limits to utilize the Compost site. Citizens may utilize the compost site for disposing of grass clippings, fallen leafs, and other yard waste.

The site has been organized with signage to point you in the right direction for disposal of the above listed items. Any citizens, even those living outside the the City limits may take wood chips, firewood and compost free of charge. Any citizen living outside the City limits may not bring anything in, they may only remove compost materials. If you have any questions pertaining to the rules of the compost site feel free to contact the City Office at 563.927.3636 or Larry Schmidt, Street Superintendent at 563.927.4011

Who do I call to report a nuisance?

Nuisances should be reported to the City of Manchester Project & Planning Coordinator by calling 563.927.3636.

Helpful links to a variety of important community services and resources

As a helpful resource we have provided a listing of internet links to a variety of important community services and resources. Feel free to tour our links and let us know if you think we are missing an important link.

Delaware County Fair
Delaware County Parks
Iowa League of Cities
Iowa Road Conditions
Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Manchester Public Library
Northeast Iowa Community College
Regional Medical Center
St. Mary’s Catholic School
State of Iowa
West Delaware School District

Voter Information

Voter information: Delaware County, Iowa – Main Election Information Page
Find out if you’re registered to vote: Am I Registered To Vote in Iowa?
Find your precinct/polling place: Where Do I Go To Vote?

Is assistance available for low-income customers?

Unfortunately, the City of Manchester does not offer a reduced rate program. However, Operation New View and Delaware County Community Services may offer assistance with payment toward your utility bill.

Will the rates be increased?

Utility rates will be increased as needed to meet the cost of operating. The current rates are calculated to meet the operating and maintenance costs of supplying water, sewer and solid waste services. Rate increases are occasionally necessary to meet the costs of operating and updating City facilities and to meet Iowa Department of Natural Resources and EPA guidelines.

Do businesses and industries also have their rates increased?
Yes. The water rate increase applies to all customer classes – residential, commercial and industrial.

What are the charges on my utility bill?

Charges may differ for each customer receiving a utility bill depending upon their circumstances and/or type of classification (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.). For most residents, the following charges will apply:

Water UsageWA$5.87 monthly service charge, plus $3.12 per thousand gallons of water
Sewer UsageSW$10.97 monthly service charge, plus $6.07 per thousand gallons of water
Garbage & RecyclingGA$11.60
LandfillLFVaries depending on type of account
Outside Water (opt)OW$0.80 monthly service charge, plus $3.64 per thousand gallons of water
Water TaxTAXTax is calculated at 7% based on water charges only

What day is my bill due?

Bills are sent through the Post Office on or before the last business day of the month and are expected to be received by you within the next couple of days. Bills are due upon receipt and are considered delinquent if payment is not received by the close of business (4:00pm) on the 10th day of the month.

What happens if the City does not receive my payment by the due date?

A delinquent notice will be sent to all customers if payment has not been received by the close of business on the 10th day of the month and a 5% penalty will be assessed. The Manchester Code of Ordinance states that the City shall notify each delinquent customer by mail that service will be discontinued if payment is not received by the date specified in the delinquent notice. The City of Manchester mails an average of 400 delinquent notices every month. Contacting each delinquent account by telephone is simply not efficient.

Public Library

The Manchester Public Library is much more than a place to check out books. We have programs and services for everyone in our community. Friendly librarians are here to help you find the information you’re looking for.

Click here to find out what our library can do for you!

Monday9:30am – 8:00pm
Tuesday9:30am – 8:00pm
Wednesday9:30am – 8:00pm
Thursday9:30am – 8:00pm
Friday9:30am – 5:00pm
Sunday9:00am – 3:00pm

Contact Information:
Address: 304 N Franklin Street
Phone: 563.927.3719
Fax: 563.927.3058
Email: manchpl@manchester.lib.ia.us

The Library is closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.

Nice Neighbor Award

Manchester is a community where neighbors care for each other. The “Nice Neighbor Award” was established to recognize citizens who do what they can to improve the quality of life for their neighbors or other citizens in Manchester.

The City will continually accept nominations from residents. Honorees will be chosen each month and will be invited to a City Council meeting to be recognized.

Nomination letters should include the name of the person being nominated and the name of the person who is doing the nominating as well as the telephone number of both. Send your “Nice Neighbor” letters to: Mayor Milt Kramer, 208 E. Main Street, Manchester, Iowa 52057.

Garbage & Recycling

All areas SOUTH of MAIN STREET, including both sides of Main Street

North of East Main, East of North Franklin, South & East of Oakland Cemetery

North of West Main, both sides of North Franklin, North to City Limits

If your recycling/garbage day falls on a holiday, your items will be picked up the day immediately following the holiday.

For specific questions regarding your recycling or garbage pickup, please contact:


Please recycle everything possible!
All recyclables must be rinsed, clean and dry; cartons and boxes should be flattened and all materials should be placed loose into a container or clear bags. Please cover or hold back on rainy days.

Recycling Containers
Please use a clean, designated tub, can, or clear bags for your recycling. Please remember to include your address on the outside of your container.

LIMIT: 3 CONTAINERS; 50 lbs per container


LIMIT: 80 lbs of garbage per week
Garbage must be placed into clear or white bags and tied shut. Garbage bags may be divided between 2-35 gallon cans. Garbage in colored bags or loose garbage will not be collected.

Extra Garbage / Remodeling Debis
If you have more than 80 lbs of garbage, large items or remodeling debris, it is your responsibility to contact the garbage hauler directly. This includes but is not limited to: appliances, electronics, computers, carpeting, drywall, tires, etc.

Your garbage WILL NOT BE COLLECTED if it contains things that cannot be taken to the landfill, if it has been placed in colored bags, or if you have more than the allotted amount.

Recycling & Garbage must be to the curb by 7:00am. The collector will not return to pick up late set-outs.

Manchester Garbage Routes

How can I request public records?

Public record requests should be directed to City Hall. Please make the request specific to assist staff in providing the desired information. Staff may take up to ten business days to research the request and respond. A fee of $.25 per page ($.40 cents per double-sided page) will be charged for paper and scanned/electronically transmitted copies.