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How do I get an outside water meter?


Installing a second water meter specifically for outdoor watering may be beneficial as outside water meters are not subject to sewer charges. Meters can be purchased from the City Office. However, you must hire a plumber to install and connect the meter to your outside faucets. The Water Superintendent will install the outside meter box. Please contact the City Office at 563.927.3636 to make arrangements for this installation.

  • The City Office MUST be notified for inspection and connection of the meter box.
  • Meter is to be set horizontally.
  • Must be double-valved 6-inces from meter.
  • Outside meters can be connected ONLY to outside wall faucets.
  • Must be copper or galvanized pipe plus brass valves. After 2nd valve plastic pipe can be used.

Please contact the City Office with any questions you may have:
City of Manchester
Chad Wulfekuhle, Water Superintendent

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