208 East Main Street
Manchester, Iowa 52057
(563) 927-3636

How Do I…

Apply for Building PermitApply
Apply for UnemploymentApply
Pay my BillPay
Find a Rental PropertyFind
Report a Park or Trail Maintenance IssueReport
Report a PotholeReport
Report a Property Maintenance IssueReport
Report a Street Light OutReport
Reserve Siebert ParkReserve
Reserve a ShelterReserve
Review City Council MinutesReview
Review the City Council AgendaReview
Research the Code of OrdinancesResearch
Review the Water Quality ReportReview
Find Volunteer OpportunitiesFind
Can I have a fire pit/recreational fire?Learn
Does the City allow chickens?Learn
When are the hours of construction noise allowed?Learn
Where can I post signs?Learn
How do I register my child for youth sports?Register
Does the city spray for mosquitos?Learn
Pay for a parking ticket?Pay
When is the Whitewater Park open?Learn
Where can I rent a tube or kayak?Learn
How do I report a crime?Learn
When is leaf pickup?Schedule
Report an animal in a storm sewerStreet Superintendent
Report road killStreet Superintendent
Report a dog running at largePolice Department
Report abandoned cats & dogs or animal neglectPolice Department
Report abandoned/deteriorated propertyBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Enforce grass & weed heightBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report abandoned/inoperable vehiclesPolice Department
Report Open BurningBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report hazardsBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report attractive nuisancesBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Refuse, junk or salvage materialBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report noxious substances/offensive smellsBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report a noise complaintPolice Department
Report obstructive viewBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report parking violationsPolice Department
Report tree overhangsBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report an erosion problemStreet Superintendent
Report a sewer backupStreet Superintendent
Report sewer odorStreet Superintendent
Report standing waterStreet Superintendent
Storm water flooding the street or sidewalkStreet Superintendent
Report sump pump dischargeStreet Superintendent
Find out about free mulch or compostStreet Superintendent
Find out about broken cement/landscape materialsStreet Superintendent
Report damaged playground equipmentParks & Rec Director
Report fallen branches or dead treesParks & Rec Director
Report graffitiParks & Rec Director
Express safety concernsParks & Rec Director
Discuss trail maintenanceParks & Rec Director
Report a damaged mailboxStreet Superintendent
Report a sidewalk not cleared of snow/iceBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Report sod damageStreet Superintendent
Discuss alternate side parking ticketsPolice Department
Report driveway plowed in
Report a broken curbStreet Superintendent
Report a broken street lightStreet Superintendent
Report downed trees and branches on a sidewalk or streetStreet Superintendent
Report a manhole that is sticking up, sunken down, and/or rattlingStreet Superintendent
Report a manhole with a lid/storm intake grate missing or brokenStreet Superintendent
Report a missing street signStreet Superintendent
Report a potholeStreet Superintendent
Report road debrisPolice Department
Request sidewalk repairBuilding Inspector/Zoning Official
Discuss stop sign/signalStreet Superintendent
Report a sinkholeStreet Superintendent
Find out about garbage/recycling pickupSchedule & Info
Find out about Christmas tree pickupLearn
Find out about leaf pickupSchedule & Info
Contact the police departmentPolice Department

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