208 East Main Street
Manchester, Iowa 52057
(563) 927-3636

Permits & Licensing

Birth, Death, Marriage Certificate

These certificates may be obtained from the Delaware County Recorder’s Office, 563.927.4665.

Building Permit

Building Permits are obtained at the City Office, 208 East Main Street, 563-927-1112. Read More

Business License

Manchester does not have a business license requirement. However, verification should be obtained from the City that the zoning ordinance allows for your business use type. You should also check with the Iowa Department of Revenue for any state requirements.

Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Snowmobile License

These licenses may be obtained from the Delaware County Treasurer’s Office, 563.927.2845.

Cat License

Cats are not licensed by the City of Manchester.

Cigarette Permit

Please contact the City Office at 563-927-1112 to obtain a Cigarette Permit.

Dog License

Please present your current proof of rabies vaccination, breed, name, color and owner information to the City Office, 208 East Main Street. Read More

Driver’s License

Questions regarding your driver’s license should be directed to Delaware County Treasurer’s Office at 563.927.2845.

Liquor License

To acquire or renew a liquor license, please contact the City Office at 563-927-1112.


Passports are available through the United States Post Office or through the Delaware County Auditor’s Office.

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