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Building Permits

Contractor Registration

All contractors performing construction work in Manchester must be registered with the City of Manchester as well as
the Iowa Division of Labor. Without the appropriate licensing as issued by the State of Iowa, contractors will not be
allowed to secure permits or work within the City of Manchester. State of Iowa Registration information is available
online at Iowa Division of Labor www.iowadivisionoflabor.gov/contractor-registration.


Building Permits

A permit is required for any construction that physically changes or adds structure to a property, or for work regulated
by City code of ordinances. Before you begin a project it is important that you become familiar with all of the City of
Manchester building and zoning regulations that apply to your project.

Permit applications can be emailed to theims@manchester-ia.org or dropped off at the City Office.






Misc. Applications:



The type and number of inspections depend on the project. 48-hours notice is required. Please call 563-920-0867 to
schedule an inspection.


Property and Land Use Development

Property and Land Use Development encompasses proposed changes in existing uses as well as future uses within the City of Manchester and surrounding rural areas. Applications for property and land use development or amendments should be submitted to City Manager Timothy J. Vick.

Building & Development Fees



Site Plan Review Application


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