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Rental Housing


Rental Inspections

In 2019, the Manchester City Council adopted Rental Housing Code Chapter 160 stating a Rental Housing Permit is required for every residential rental unit. Under this code, every leased, rented or non-owner occupied residential dwelling unit must be registered and a self-inspection form completed. Renting a residential unit to a tenant without obtaining a current Rental Housing Permit is a violation of the City Code and can be punishable as a municipal infraction.

Chapter 160 of the Municipal Code, the Rental Housing Code, outlines the requirements for the rental housing registration and inspection program.

This important program is designed to ensure property owners, their agents and others who rent out residential dwellings meet their responsibilities with respect to safety of the premises. The City of Manchester has established and adopted the following Code Ordinance, Chapter 160, Rental Housing Code:

All residential rental units are required to be registered every three years to ensure compliance with this Code.

All current Rental Housing Permits will expire on December 31, 2021.

There is no fee for renewal of a Rental Permit if it is renewed prior to February 2, 2022. Renewal applications and self-inspections received after February 2 will be assessed at $20 per structure, plus $3 per unit. A complete copy of the Rental Housing Code, as well as the attached forms, are available at City Hall or on the website.

Rental Housing Forms

Changes in ownership or rental status are to be reported to:

Building Official/Zoning Administrator
208 E. Main Street
Manchester, IA 52057

Changes can also be reported by e-mail to theims@manchester-ia.org

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